To create a fun, trusted and safe environment for adults and children with learning, physical and additional needs to come and be made to look and feel amazing.

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About Spargoland

As a hairdresser, I have enjoyed an amazing career filled with many fantastic experiences. I have travelled the world, educated, styled and worked with some of the very best in the hair industry!

I built my salon from the ground up 13 years ago, and have created a culture that produces exceptional hairdressers. Over the years I have created 120 jobs, worked in the local community, helped with fundraising events, raised thousands of pounds for charity and opened the doors for the next generation of hairdressers.

At Spargo, we have many clients with disabilities and I pride myself on being able to adapt and cater for my individual clients and make them look & feel great.

When my nephew, Oscar, was born with brain damage and Cerebral Palsy, I was entered into a world of learning the challenges Oscar faced. Having your hair cut is a huge sensory overload and the need to work quickly is key! Cutting hair can change the way you feel about yourself, and this is no more so than with our clients who face other challenges in life. I was inspired by Oscar, and my love for the hair industry, and so my aspirations developed into creating a hairdressing salon specifically for people with all forms of disabilities. Somewhere they can feel safe and staff they can trust. After years of research, I was heartbroken to find out no one in the country offers such a service and so my dream began!

Spargoland will be tailored to meet the needs of both children and adults with different forms of disabilities. We’ve built a sensory area, developed creative lighting and made a safe and secure surrounding that gives customers the flexibility to have their hair cut in a way that is unique to them.

My dream has grown into a reality and I am incredibly excited for the future of Spargoland! The local council, community and future clients have given a huge amount of support and encouragement. To be able to touch the lives of so many and make a difference to how they feel and look is an honour I will hold in my heart forever.

Ian Marshall (Managing Director)

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