Our Services

We offer a small, safe and secure salon equipped with a sensory area, disabled toilets and wheel chair access. Spargoland is managed by the Director of Spargo, Ian Marshall.

At Spargoland, we understand that for many of our clients and carers, the process of having a haircut doesn’t begin and end the minute you enter the salon- it starts the moment you get ready to go out the door and ends when you get back home. As such, we are developing a purpose-built private salon to make this everyday event as simple as it can be. Spargoland will boast a range of facilities including; low sensory lighting, a padded play area to ensure clients are stimulated, and relaxing music which can be tailored to suit each individual’s requirements to ensure that our clients receive the Spargoland experience that they deserve. With a fully kitted-out disabled toilet, including adult change area, and wheelchair access into the salon, with a drop-off point directly outside the entrance, we’ll endeavour to make the experience a memorable one. Our team of qualified stylists can adapt to whatever their client needs- whether it’s a white-noise soundtrack and a wet cut on the floor, or a chance to play and get to know each other before the haircut!

We offer our clients;

  • Child wet/dry cut
  • Adult wet/dry cut
  • Adult colour
  • Adult high/low lights
  • A variety of hair treatments from our trusted brands

Rest assured that if you need Spargoland, we’ve got the service for you.


If you or anyone you know suffers from a disability and would benefit from Spargoland’s services, please contact us today.

If you want to get involved in helping our charity continue to serve this often-overlooked community, please visit our fundraising page to see our upcoming events, or click ‘donate‘ to help with our costs. All donations are greatly appreciated and will allow us to service more and more clients in the future.

Terms and Conditions

A minimum donation of £15 per haircut and £20 per hair colour is required to help the running costs of Spargoland
Regular donations welcome by Direct Debit or via our website’s direct ‘Donate’ link.
We offer a free of charge 1 on 1 consultation
All clients must complete a consultation sheet 48 hours prior to their first appointment
You can request a consultation sheet via email or  post.
Telephone booking need to go through our joining Salon Spargo on 01277 210768 please quote Spargoland Appointments
A skin ‘Patch ‘test is compulsory for all clients wanting hair colour. This must be completed 48 hours prior to their first hair colour appointment
BSL Level 2 interpreter available free of charge subject to availability.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

My name is Nicola and I have a daughter, age 7, called Anaiyah. She has a clinical diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome, although we don’t like to label her with this. She is so far, however, non-verbal and her attention span is not great but getting better. She has the most amazing hair – it has beautiful corkscrew curls and is naturally an auburn colour, however she doesn’t like it! I struggle to keep it conditioned and combing it is a mission in itself. I have found a good routine now, but I was struggling to find someone who could trim her hair. I saw Spargo Hairdressers advertised on Facebook and proceeded to contact Toni and ask if she could help with Anaiyahs hair. She replied promptly and explained about Ian and how he cuts children’s hair who have special needs, even doing it on a Monday when his salon is closed! It’s a quieter environment he later told me, and doesn’t stress the children so much. I arranged to take Anaiyah to see Ian to see if he could do anything with her hair.

Anaiyah took to Ian straight away- he is very welcoming and has a warm smile! I felt at ease straight away. I think he was amazed with Anaiyahs hair but it didn’t put him off at all. Anaiyah sat on my lap and we thought “let’s give it a go”! Anaiyah was a little hesitant to say the least – she normally runs a mile when she sees a comb. After a lot of squirming Ian managed to give her hair a trim- hooray! Well… on one side at least. To do the other side with Anaiyah now lying horizontal on my lap, Ian just sat on the floor! I did laugh but he was fantastic and I always tell my friends how he had to sit on the floor to cut her hair. He wouldn’t take any money either, so I popped a donation into his charity box. He did a great job and I was so impressed, I booked in to get my hair done and we have both been going to Spargo ever since.

I can’t recommend Ian and the staff at Spargo (and now Spargoland) enough. They are all professional and extremely friendly and Ian makes a quite stressful situation (for Anaiyah) a more fun and pleasurable experience.



Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or pledge a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make to Spargoland today will be used to help make someone look and feel great. Be sure that your money makes a real difference.